Aug 6, 2018
Well here's something that actually is new! DUO QUARTET. Chris Webster and I have teamed up with another duo, the Pam and Jeri Show (Pam Delgado and Jeri Jones from Blame Sally). Our 2 duos have become 1 quartet, and it is a total joy for me to play with these folks. They are wonderful musicians, but more important, they are truly wonderful people, and that is what makes music so much more meaningful to me. So, come check us out. We are mostly playing Northern California shows, but hopefully we'll be able to do some traveling together as well.

I'm happy to say that I will be playing some shows with Eliza Gilkyson this September and October. She has a new cd coming out, and I always look forward to playing Eliza's music.

So lots of good music happening this summer and fall. Check out the itinerary page for details.

As for things other than music, oy vey! All I can say without going on a long diatribe is PEOPLE, GET OUT AND VOTE THIS NOVEMBER! Let music open your heart, and then go vote with compassion and love for our fellow human beings and planet.

Thanks for listening. Peace,

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