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September 16, 2023
Hi everybody. There actually is something new to tell you about! My new CD, "Time is Funny That Way" is finally out. Inspired by and dedicated to a few very influential friends and songwriters who are no longer among us, this cd features 2 songs by Kate Wolf (one that was never before recorded), 2 songs by Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, 2 songs by Keith Allen, and 1 song by Nanci Griffith as well as a couple of originals. Guest vocalists include Laurie Lewis, Chris Webster, Peter Rowan, and Pam Delgado. If I knew how to add it to the "cd info" page on this website, I would. But... for now, it is available on my online store, and by mail order. But best of all, it will be available at all the live shows I have coming up, and there are a bunch. So, I hope to see you somewhere on the road and I'll be happy to sell you the new cd. I think it sounds pretty darn good!

Thanks to Whippoorwill Arts for making this recording possible. This is their mission statement: "Whippoorwill Arts is on a mission to invest in and uplift the work of roots musicians and nurture their creativity with a focus on collaboration, fair wages, equity, and social justice. We model equity booking and fair pay - and work to reimagine and transform the music ecosystem for all working musicians. No one has spoken for them until now, through our National Research Study of Working Roots Musicians, they speak for themselves."

Pretty awesome concept, something we can all strive for.


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