Aug 13, 2017
Hey folks. Wow, already August of 2017. So much is new, and scary.

On the music front, life is good. Lots of great gigs in beautiful places with good friends. Please check the itinerary page to see if we're heading anywhere near you. And then please come and see us and say hi. Chris Webster and I have a couple road trips to Idaho and then the Northwest and then some Bay Area gigs. I'll be traveling a fair amount with Karla Bonoff as well.

I am happy to announce that I have a new dog in my life. Maggie came to me a couple months ago. I got her at Big Dog Rescue in Penngrove, CA. She was flown up from Mexico, and she is a great pal. She has already done 4 gigs and is on her way to being a great stage dog and excellent traveling companion. If I'm driving, she'll be with me and hopefully will be on stage too.

As for the scary side of things, well, there was the election last year. Instead of being depressed and fearful, or I guess in addition to that, I am focusing on how much we all have in common. Democrat, Republican, whatever, we are human beings first. We are people who want to live a good life, who want to be able to work and take care of our families and loved ones. We are there for our friends and neighbors. We are mostly good people who care for each other. We have different ideas of how to do things, and when money gets involved, that's when things get prickly.

If we focus on what we have in common, and listen to each other instead of fighting each other, maybe we can get some good things done. Let's start with compassion and respect, and music. Maybe it will trickle up to those who need it the most.

Peace, Nina.

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