April 11, 2020
Well...everything is different in our world now, thanks to COVID-19. A couple months ago I was talking about loss and sadness, but also the joy of being able to get together with my good friends and play music for our fans. Now, more loss and sadness, but also the loss of the opportunity to play music out in the world. It is the loss of connection, creativity, sanity, not to mention income. Time for resting, introspection maybe. Lots of dog walks in the vineyard. Thank goodness for nature. It's a frightening time, not knowing when/how/if there will be more gigs to play anytime soon. How will people be able to survive with no income? Nobody knows what the future holds, but I do know that there is strength in having compassion for each other, in taking care of our friends and neighbors, in just being kind. Maybe all this will help unite humankind in some way. I know that, somehow, there will be good that comes out of all this. Meanwhile, Maggie is telling me it's time for our next walk in the vineyard. So, we walk, we wait, we call friends, we laugh, we cry, we survive.

Before I go, I highly recommend you check out Eliza Gilkyson's new cd:
It is the soundtrack for RIGHT NOW. It is beautiful, heart wrenching, hopeful, and important for us all to hear. Stay strong, friends. I look forward to playing music for you somewhere, someday. Till then, stay home!

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